Caustic Soda

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Sodium hydroxide is an alkali salt which is also called caustic soda or Lye is a powerful compound with the formula NaOH. This is an ionic compound containing sodium Na + cation and anion OH hydroxide.

Caustic Soda is solid, white and odorless, it is available in the solid form in flakes or granular form. Caustic soda flakes can easily absorb moisture and this can cause the flakes to stick together, so it’s important to use appropriate laminated bags and shipping.


  • High Melting Point of 591K
  • Highly soluble in water and moderately soluble in alcohol
  • Stable compound
  • The process of caustic soda dissolved in water is an exothermic process.
  • When it is dissolved in water, the obtained solution has a high pH and is very slippery. Generally, when the water-soluble Caustic soda dissolves, it causes further corrosion.


Nearly all caustic soda is generated by the electrolysis of sodium chloride solution using one of three cell types: mercury, diaphragm and membrane cells.

Use of membrane cells is growing due to lower capital and energy costs and an absence of environmental problems.


Whilst being a very common chemical, its direct contact with skin, eye, or inhalation of large amounts can cause serious problems for humans, such as burns and blindness, therefore, when using this agent, as its name suggests, it is necessary to observe safety tips such as mask, gloves, clothing, and so on.

 Industry Serve:

Aluminum, Soap and detergent, Textile such as rayon, spandex, Dye, epoxy resins, paints, glass, ceramics, cotton fabric ,bleaching, as well as in metal cleaning and processing, oxide coating, electroplating and electrolytic extracting, in Pulp and paper, Water treatment, Pharmaceuticals and Medicine, Petrochemicals and Metal.