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CAS Name: poly ethylene glycol isononylphenol ether.

INCI Name: NONOXYNOL-2, NONOXYNOL-4, NONOXYNOL-6, ….Nonyl phenol Ethoxylate’s is non- ionic surfactants obtained by adding Ethylene oxide (EO) to nonyl phenol.

The nonyl phenol Ethoxylate’s designated by the name “NPE” followed by a number of ethylene oxide molecules added.

NPE2,NPE3,NPE4,NPE5andNPE6 are viscous liquid at room Temperature.NPE9,NPE10 & higher grades are white waxy solid.Other grades of NPE are available on request.


  • In Detergents:TheNPEgrades can be used in liquid & solid Detergents, liquid dishwashers, window cleaners, in Textile as scouring, Emulsifying, antistatic and lubricating, in Agricultural as emulsifying,  In Latex and Waxes as emulsifying, water soluble, in Fats, Oil & Waxes As emulsifying.


  • The NPE products are ethoxylated of nonyl phenol (C6H6 [C6H4] OH), And all grades have good water/oil (W/O) or O/W emulsifying, wetting, Lubricating and dispersing properties, & as stabilizer in high grades.


  • Bulk or 220Lit (net.200kg) new drums, each for drums strapped on a pallet.